I’m Daniel Thomas, a freelance web designer and brand consultant

Work I’ve done

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Markham Method

Markham MethodProject Services:   - Branding - Project Management - Web DesignMarkham Method is a membership-based website that provides monthly curated whole food, nutrient-dense, hormone-balancing recipes. Instead of cleaning up a half-broken website, I was...

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MP Workouts

MP WorkoutsProject Services:   - Project Management - Website buildMP Workouts is a video content-driven membership website designed to help people with busy schedules. It can be difficult to find time to make it to the gym when several other responsibilities...

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Embroider Me Wicked

Embroider Me WickedProject Services:   - Branding - Project management - Shopify - Web DesignWhen it comes to starting an e-commerce website, setting it up can be difficult. Shopify is fantastic for e-commerce, but knowing all the ins and outs can be...

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JRD Artshop

JRD ArtshopProject Services:   - Web DesignI did something a little out of the ordinary. I redesigned a SquareSpace website. Usually, I stick with WordPress or Shopify, and I would normally say to go with those platforms. However, there are times when it's better...


Love Daphne Mae

Love Daphne MaeProject Services:   - Web DesignLove Daphne Mae is a skilled lifestyle photographer, capturing  beautiful moments with families and motherhood. A true artist in her own right, Love Daphne Mae inspires feelings of honesty, timelessness, and a focus...

Somewhere Devine example page

Somewhere Devine

Somewhere DevineProject Services:   - Branding - Web DesignSomewhere Devine was orginally started as a blog by Hailey Devine. My wife happens to follow Hailey on Instagram, and one day, Hailey made a post in search of a WordPress designer. Having been alerted to...

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Holdland Packs

Holdland PacksProject Services:   - Project management - Shopify - Web DesignHoldlands Packs is an innovative backpack developed by Brad Devine, specifically designed for the adventurous individuals. With the branding of the product already in place, I was...

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ExporttekProject Services:   - Website buildI work with a company that contracts out the building process of websites. For this project, the company designed and built a wireframe, set the branding, and handled the contract. All they needed me to do was build the...



Web Design

Areas of focus: user friendliness, user experience, space, harmony, minimalism, simple, modern



Look, feel, and atmosphere. How it makes you feel is everything.



Before tackling a web project, it’s important to know what platform to use and what direction to take for the best possible outcome.


Logo Design

My goal is to capture your brand identity with a minimalstic approach.


Project Management

I provide direction and strategy to help bridge the gaps in launching your web project.

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Platforms I use

→ Flywheel     {WordPress web hosting}

→ Divi     {Website building software}

Elfsight     {Social media widgets}

Coolors     {Color palette generator}

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