Markham Method

Markham MethodProject Services:   - Branding - Project Management - Web DesignMarkham Method is a membership-based website that provides monthly curated whole food, nutrient-dense, hormone-balancing recipes. Instead of cleaning up a half-broken website, I was...

Embroider Me Wicked

Embroider Me WickedProject Services:   - Branding - Project management - Shopify - Web DesignWhen it comes to starting an e-commerce website, setting it up can be difficult. Shopify is fantastic for e-commerce, but knowing all the ins and outs can be...

Somewhere Devine example page

Somewhere Devine

Somewhere DevineProject Services:   - Branding - Web DesignSomewhere Devine was orginally started as a blog by Hailey Devine. My wife happens to follow Hailey on Instagram, and one day, Hailey made a post in search of a WordPress designer. Having been alerted to...

Hands To Heart logo
CB Escribe home page image

CB Escribe

CB EscribeProject Services:   - Branding - Web DesignCB Escribe is a local artist in Fresno, CA. As a creative, she needed a web design that would effectively present her work. I used gradient color flow as a design feature to create a similar feel to water...

California Christian College

California Christian CollegeProject Services:   - Branding - Web DesignI began this project with the main focus of improving the website user interface. Their previous website was clunky, difficult to navigate, and parts of it were broken. To help their intended...

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→ Flywheel     {WordPress web hosting}

→ Divi     {Website building software}

Elfsight     {Social media widgets}

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